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released March 22, 2017

Written, performed, and recorded by Crissy Bell, 2017
Mastered by Jonah Strauss for Survivor Sound, Oakland CA




CRISSY BELL San Francisco, California

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all songs by
crissy bell

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trans women
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Track Name: Signals
(Revelation 1)
18. "I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I’m alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and The river (Hades.)"
19. "Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place."
take 118 to 23

(Revelation 18)
9. "When they see the smoke
of her burning,
they will exclaim,
‘Was there ever a city like this (great city)?’"

Resplendent, the autocrat screams to be true
attendant automata, paraphrasing:

(Revelation 18)
23. “The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world (’s important people.) By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.”

too close a reading now
more than when we were young
Soft tender
wait for signals
to be

And when they see the smoke
of her burning
they will exclaim
was there ever a city like this?

Resplendent Andromeda beams to be you
Ascendant atomic rats, paraphrasing:

By morning light we had left
West Los Angeles
But it didn’t quite ring a bell
Track Name: Be The Girl
your expression says love me, I’m white
but your look says I’m a boy
never in your whole damn life
did you ever walk down to the store

1, 2, 3
hearts, on leave
does anybody notice
does anyone despair
and in due time
you get the motivation
you’re gonna be the girl

he takes me out and he treats me right
but in truth i’m like a toy
never in his whole damn life
did anybody get him right

1, 2, 3
dont blame me
he got a sense of duty
he’s gotta get it right
and in due time
he thinks he’s pretty clever
he's gotta keep it tight
you’re my kinda man
if not for your affliction
submit to your promotion
please form a line
you’re gonna be the girl
Track Name: A House Of Hidden Tracks
Conditions set the place
Conventions, the time
a record lost and empty
a house of hidden tracks

a part of everyone
over and over
come back to me
in my hunger

too much stimulation
and you know they only think of one thing
too much emulation
and you know they’re only good for one thing

but i can lay with your memory
it doesn’t even need to be said
soul permit me
down and down
my love

Too much information
and you know they only think of one thing
too much adulation
and you know they're only good for one thing
Track Name: Her Ministry
When you call
just keep it light
Mr. Easy

With his free hand
he greets the light
I am legion

You waited all your bloody life
to deny your feelings
And in your voice
about your height
an apparition

And when the force
of death arrives
divine permit me
She keeps a spark
of life alight inside
her ministry

keep it cool
all easy peasy
and face down your destiny

Confession’s will
was strong tonight
heaven lift me

When you call out
to an empty sky
do you miss me?

You waited all your bloody life
but I can heal you
Heaven knows
she’s not your type
but I can feel you

I was born to save your marriage
and wipe those tears that you can’t make
and set a course across dimension four
all tangled fissions in gravity
forbid me to even say
time permitting
Track Name: A Mockup Curation
She’s hard
but she’s knows the price of relation
She wants a man who ignores her
who don’t keep it to himself

She’s high
on herself like a mockup curation
susceptible to inflation
iced up and dreaming

One tries
for that mutual degradation
Another one dies
on the vine when the dream
returns to the scene
and says

What will it be?
Don’t go fooling yourself
It’s true sometimes i can feel you
Sometimes i can’t tell

I'v been trying
to work on my concentration
I need a man who adores me
but keeps it to himself

She’s tight
and engaged in bound arbitration
Constantly a reminder
of how far she fell

One night
is a measurement of duration
One life
is all that i have to give to my chastity

But he likes me
And I’m thinking don’t give your gifts away
And he pauses without thinking
I’m screaming take me home

But in this life
Only careless souls get a chance
But she was witness
To the death of romance
Track Name: She's Got It In Her Mind
And she does it for what?
For the sake of attention
Well half of me
don’t got half a mind
to complicate these things
for you
more than they already are,
but as you know:

She’s got it in her mind
No one can tell her that it isnt worth her time,
She knows this
they’re acting like they don’t fool themselves
you’re acting like you’re someone else
it was widely noted

She’s got it in her mind
upon some night flight
it should come as no surprise
to a man of the world
the elements before her window
are something only other people see
it was widely noted

And he pauses and she cries
go on and meet your new friend
and play the part of Steve Ignorant
and save your love for the other girl
I was born yesterday

I’ve been here before
I'll see you again
do not delay
your destiny’s decided
and not far away
we claim to belong
in memory of the crash
you were gone my love

In dangers devoid of devotion
desire-like forms follow fashion
so please dont be a stranger
see her temporary agency
and stock take to the sky

Go on and seek your revenge
and take the keys to her infinity
but you cant take away her Serotonin
it was widely noted

(musical break)

Some men don’t waste no time
then suddenly they’ve got commitment on their minds
when the fantasy
starts hitting up this part time gig
for a little more than the memory
it was widely noted

But to complicate these things for you
it’s just too tempting
I’m biding my time
before i release you honey
I’m gonna make you
fall in love

She’s got it in her mind
again to walk without a care again
and she may leave her body there

In dangers devoid of devotion
desire, like forms follow fashion
so please dont be a stranger see,
he’s got no oxytocin
and i’ve got it my mind
Track Name: In The Window
I am the spider while you're his sweet pet
I am the desert while you're green and wet
I am the candle while you're firmament
I'm in the window
No rooms to let

I am the garden while you are the snake
I'm artificial but you are the fake
I am the nipple while you are the steak
I am the end of all that you take
Track Name: A Memory
I forgot it was a memory
when you taught me that day
'bout the things you used to say
platitudes and bullshit
I could not remember
the first time we met
but no doubt we treated it
like it was no big deal
and I was daunted
haunted and filled with a calm
and I just want you to know
that when i turn around

I still wanted to be there
is there a better time to get lost at sea?
we were both hard
but still wanted to be there
A lover’s a fighter
your cigarette lighter will hold me for now
I just wanted to get this down
but i can’t hide what you’ve done to me

Everyday you walk around in their world
doing what you gotta do to get by
everyday you act like you’re not passionate
but I know you better
I know how to make you laugh or cry
I just wanna take my sweet time
while you’re open wide

I forgot it was a funeral
when you taught me that day
we both know we can’t change the past
I just want a chance to say

I still wanted to be there
is there a better time to be on my knees
we are both hard
and how I wanted to be there
a lover’s a fighter
and I feel lighter when you hold me down
I just wanted to get this down